Third Stream Residency at the University of Louisville

November 2020

Recognizing that classical orchestral and jazz ensemble programs are often disconnected from each other, this university residency will ‘bridge the gap

Orbert Davis has contemplated a radical (r)evolution of Third Stream music; one where jazz, with its tradition of collaboration, openness and improvisation becomes the ethos of the orchestra. This residency program works to educate students on the personal, cultural, societal, and musical benefits of combining classical and jazz.

Under the direction of Orbert Davis, Chicago Jazz Philharmonic travels 3-5 of its core musicians and partners with university orchestras to lead a series of workshops, master classes, and rehearsals to culminate in a performance presenting CJP’s signature ‘Third Stream’ repertoire.

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Jerry Tolson Univ of Louisville  JERRY TOLSON
Professor of Music Education and Jazz Studies and Chair of the Academic and   Professional Studies Department in the School of Music at the University of   Louisville
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Director of Orchestral Studies and Opera Theatre and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Music at the University of Louisville

Get a taste of the experience with the preview videos below! 

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